Providing every child with a “chance at life” is the main driver behind Explore Dominican
Republic (EDR). We would like to provide for the basic necessities of every child in a community
of 360 children in Villa Juana, Dominican Republic.


We want to provide shelter and education for these children so they do not have to worry about
asking for money on the streets. Our program will identify the needs of every specific child and
supply them with the necessary food, medicine, and school supplies. The goal is to provide for
the basic necessities of these children in order to allow them a prosperous future.


EDR was founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2005 by David Betances and Kalil Diaz, two


university students from the Dominican Republic. The organization has evolved into a charitable
organization with a presence in United States and Canada.


EDR has hosted many cultural events in Montreal in order to raise awareness and funds.
Amongst these events were the Latin Festival, Romeo Fernandez Concert, and Latin Nights.
The association has grown and has been recognized in the Dominican Republic. Promotional
campaigns have been conducted in efforts to increase social consciousness. The “Help The
Children” wristband campaign has been central to the development of EDR. Thousand of
wristbands have been sold and have been worn by many volunteers and supporters. EDR has
also received support from several corporate sponsors.