Get Involved

There are several ways of getting involved with Explore Dominican Republic. We are more than glad to learn about you and determine where your help could be best utilized. Whether you have the time to serve as an active member or just give us ideas on fundraising events, we can work with you. There are two formal positions that you can apply to be a part of.


You can serve as a Fundraising Associate and represent us in your local community. There is no geographical restriction and you can determine the amount of time you dedicate. As an associate, you will receive promotional material and other Explore Dominican Republic accessories for sale. You must submit monthly reports on your progress and constantly help further our mission. If interested, you can email us and we will provide you with our volunteers’ package to better inform you.


If you would like to help on a more of an “on call” role, you can join Explore Dominican Republic as a General Volunteer. In this role, you will be contacted for help for a specific fundraiser. You will be consulted and asked to perform general tasks during large donations or cultural events. However, this position is restricted to volunteers that can assist us at our main locations in Montreal (Canada), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), or Miami (United States).


If wish to find out more about how to get involved, please email us at: Send us your resume along with a brief letter of intent explaining your interest and commitment.